• $19.50

    Naturally No More Nits Deter & Detangler Spray

    A daily hair care spray that not only helps deter head lice, it detangles, conditions and tames those out of control fly away strands of hair!

    Naturally No More Nits Deter & Detangler Spray contains a unique blend of natural ingredients and NO NASTIES – no parabens, no alcohol, no emulsifiers and no stabilisers – all of which may irritate the skin and dry the scalp.

  • $21.50

    Dream Detangler Brush

    Pain-Free Hair Brushing and Tear Free Mornings. Guaranteed.

    This is the last brush you will buy!

    The Exclusive Dream Detangler is available in 7 colours. One for each member of the family.

    Perfect Purple, Cobalt Blue, Black Onyx, Blush Pink, Silver Moon, Sunset Bronze & Apple Green.


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