Buy A Lulla Doll In Australia

We’re so excited to bring you the latest baby sleep sensation, the Lulla Doll. Described as the ideal sleep companion for preemies, babies and toddlers, the Lulla Doll is taking the world of parenting by storm!

Designed by 3 mothers from Iceland, and incorporating scientific research into babies’ sleeping habits, the Lulla Doll is made from the softest natural cotton and imitates the sounds of real breathing and a steady heartbeat for up to 8 hours. This gives babies and toddlers the sensation of someone being with them throughout their sleep times. This helps them to feel safe and secure and results in them sleeping better – which results in you sleeping better too!

The doll is also able to absorb the scent from the baby’s caregiver – so hug the Lulla Doll before giving it to your baby and they’ll feel as if you were sleeping right there next to them.

To order your Lulla Doll for delivery in Australia online now, head to our Lulla Doll page now.





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