Frequently Asked Questions

Both the purpose and the design of the Lulla doll differs from other seemingly similar products. The purpose of most other sleep related toys is to help babies fall asleep with the help of white noise, sometimes resembling womb sounds. The Lulla doll, on the other hand, is designed to help babies stay asleep for longer periods at a time, and help babies stabilize and feel safe. The doll is imitating closeness to another person, more than trying to replicate the womb experience. The doll aims to do this with its unique real life sound that plays for 8 hours. Other products only stay on for 15-45 minutes (or are movement activated), the sound file is not this large and the sounds are usually not real-life.


The Lulla doll is suitable from birth. We recommend it for age 0-24 months when closeness is vitally important to a child´s early development and sleeping routine.

We know that many parents let their toddlers use the doll as well and they loved it. Toddlers can face many sleep related challenges like newborns. However, just of a different kind. Like switching to a bigger bed, sleeping in their own room, sleeping outside of the home overnight, and going to daycare. In these cases the Lulla doll can help to make them feel calmer and safer.

The Lulla doll has been thoroughly safety tested to be suitable for newborns. The whole design is with safety in mind. The doll is very light, made from natural materials, has no loose items nor toxic chemicals. However, it is not recommended to have loose items in a crib with a sleeping newborn. We strongly recommend that from birth to 12 months the doll is kept away from their face and not loose in the crib during sleep. The doll has Velcro fasteners so you can attach the doll to most cribs, strollers and other carriers.

The doll is not a babysitter and we do not recommend that you leave your child unattended for extended periods of time. Human touch, attention and affection should always be number one, the doll is thought of as a second best when needed.

Many sleep- toys are sound activated with the purpose of helping babies fall back asleep if they wake up during the night. We, on the other hand, want to help babies keep sleeping and not to wake up as frequently. The aim is also to help them keep their heartbeat and breathing more stable during sleep. This is achieved by having the sound on continuously.

Yes, it can be washed at 40 degrees Celsius. The sound box has to be removed prior to washing which is easily done as it is placed in a velcro pocket on the back of the doll.

The Lulla doll comes with batteries that last up to 80-120 hours of playtime. We recommend that they be replaced with rechargeable batteries for better usage. That is also more eco-friendly, which we are all for!

At 10 Little Piggies we hand make products that will create a memory for a life time, so we make sure that our customers frames are made to last forever – unlike other sculpturing companies we do not cut corners.

We have our very own framer. This means that you have the ability to make as many changes to our standard designs as needed.  You are not locked into any set layouts.

We also have the ability to personalise any frame with your child’s name as a cut-out feature in the mat board.  We are one of the very few businesses that offer this feature.

We can take impressions at any age but you really want to capture just how little they once were. As we all know they grow so quickly so the earlier the better.

We have taken impressions of baby’s literally 12 hours old as well as an 89 year old!

Yes, we are set up with all our materials needed at our home in South Morang.

We take a latex type mold of your baby’s hands and feet by placing a play dough type consistency mixture around their little hand and foot which takes approximately 30 to 60 seconds to set. Once this has set we gently remove the mold.

Yes, the casting process we use is completely non-toxic to baby’s skin and is non-allergenic. We have never had any adverse reactions.

We pour a high quality sculpturing stone mix into the molds which we have taken of your baby’s hands and feet. We do not use plaster as this is far too soft and will not last.

We generally allow an hour for each appointment.  Casting tends to take up to 40 mins (depending on how co-operative your little one is on the day) and the remainder of the time is used for frame and colour selection.

You are required to supply the photo. If you don’t want to take a photo yourself we are more then happy to refer you on to one of the professional photographers we can recommend. We generally use either a 5″x 7″ or 6″ x 8″ size photo,  depending on the design chosen.

We say that we will have your frame finished within 3 to 4 weeks, however if you need your frame earlier for special circumstances then please talk to us and we will endeavor to meet your needs. Please note if the photo is not supplied at the time of your initial appointment this will delay the completion date.

Finished products need to be collect within 2 weeks of being contacted.  Failing to do so, a $10 per week holding fee will be added to the final amount owing.

We certainly do.  These can be automatically generated by clicking this link…

Microwavable bedwarmers are all made from microwave safe, flame resistant fabric. The filling consists of microwave safe polyfill with natural grains & dried lavender. All materials have been specially designed to be heated in a microwave.

We use only 100% natural dried lavender flowers in all our products. The lavender fragrance will fade over time. This can be refreshed by adding a couple of drops of Pure Essential Oil. It is important to use only“Pure Essential Oil” as the cheaper “Fragranced Oils” will leave an oily mark on your microwavable bedwarmer.

Manufactured with extra strong seams, using microwave safe thread and fabrics, microwavable bedwarmers won’t spill or scald like a hot water bottle.

They have been tested to the Australian/New Zealand Toy Standard AS/NZS ISO-8124.1 Part 1 “Safety Aspects related to mechanical and physical properties for ages 0 to 14 years”.

There are concerns about babies overheating and these should never be ignored. We recommend following current advice in relation to SIDS. More Information may be found on the National SIDS Council of Australia Ltd web site .

The surface can be cleaned with a damp sponge. Your microwavable bedwarmer should never be immersed in water. The filling will be damaged if this happens.

This is quite normal. It is due to the natural moisture content of the filling and will cease after the first few uses.

Absolutely! Simply pop your microwavable bedwarmer inside a plastic bag and leave it in the freezer for 2-3 hours. You can then use your microwavable bedwarmer as a cold pack or to help cool your child on hot days.

Microwavable bedwarmers are designed to be heated in a microwave oven only.

NEVER try to heat your microwavable bedwarmer in a conventional oven. For best results place the bear in the microwave for a maximum of two minutes on high (based on 800 watt oven).

Intelex products contain natural grains and therefore are subject to quarantine regulations in certain countries. Please check with the relevant country authorities. NOTE: Intelex products cannot be exported to New Zealand due to their quarantine restrictions.