Night-lights can be a source of comfort for children who are afraid of the dark or scared to be alone at night.  These SleepyLights and Duski Bluetooth Lights are the perfect guardians to watch over your kids as they sleep soundly.
  • $49.95

    Duski Dream Light LED Night Light Noah’s Ark PLUG IN

    Duski Dream Lights feature a child-friendly, safe LED colour changing night light which is ideal for children of all ages. With a range of on-trend designs, parents are bound to find the perfect match for their child’s bedroom theme and style. This sleek, timeless night light comes complete with its own remote which can be used to change the Dream Light to 13 different colours, a sequence of rainbow colours, reading light, dim overnight setting and an optional timer setting.  This much-loved night light is sure to be a HUGE hit with your children.



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