• Arzlan Yasar
    Made to Order!

    Custom Design 7

    As these frames are custom built, prices will be given upon order request.   Call 0413 126 674 or 0438 696 139 to discuss further or to make an appointment!

  • Subo product infoSubo 3 Bottles

    Subo – The Food Bottle

    Subo is the world’s first non-squeeze food bottle.  Children as young as 6 months can now feed themselves independently, without the risk of a mess!

  • DipticJungle

    SleepyLight – Jungle


    • Low voltage
    • Low heat LEDs – little fingers cannot get burnt
    • Use the remote control to choose favourite colour, or why not choose autofade mode, or timer function
    • Can be dimmed to help children and their parents get a better nights sleep.
    • Can be powered from any USB source, including multi‐port powered USB hubs
    • Can be battery powered with widely available USB battery packs
    • Even safer voltage – 5v instead of 12v
    • All-in-one packaging

    Dimensions: Approx 235mm high (depending on design) by 160mm wide

  • Dragon


    A CozyPlush microwavable bed warmer – No mess, no fuss just pop them in the microwave for 2 minutes.

  • Dino sparkly 2

    Dino (sparkly)

    A CozyPlush microwavable bed warmer – No mess, no fuss just pop them in the microwave for 2 minutes.

  • My Family bottles

    ‘My Family’ Drink Bottles

    'My Family' Stainless Steel drink bottles are made from super safe food grade 18/8 stainless steel and of course the accessories are free from BPA and the inks are non-toxic.

    ** Our 500ml bottles come with a Big Gulp lid made for bigger kids who need thirst gone in a flash. Sippy Lids are available separately if spills are an issue!

  • magic-garden-3

    Magic Crystal Garden

    A cutout cardboard landscape of flowers, trees and mountains that becomes covered in colourful crystal blossoms when placed in the solution provided. Watch the video below for more details!

  • penguin

    Grow Em’s Penguin

    Works just like magic, just assemble then add the special water solution to make ‘feathers’ grow from paper. Feathers will start to sprout after 1-2 hours and will be in full plumage after 6 hours. Watch video below for more details!

  • pixel-pops-cover
    $9.00 $6.00

    Pixel Pops

    Stick, stack, and squish cubes to make your own pixilated pet. Watch video below for more details.

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