• pixel-pops-cover
    $9.00 $6.00

    Pixel Pops

    Stick, stack, and squish cubes to make your own pixilated pet. Watch video below for more details.

  • 14054296_10153886611981696_8103592214363217415_oLulla Doll
    $99.00 $79.00

    Lulla Doll

    Lulla Doll

    Lulla’s unique patent pending design was inspired by research on Kangaroo Care, the effects of heartbeat and breathing sounds, and the effects that smell, sight and touch have on babies and small children.

    Playing real-life heartbeat & breathing for 8 hours, the Lulla Doll imitates closeness of a caregiver at rest with its soothing sounds and soft touch. Lulla’s unique design is based on scientific research that shows how closeness improves sleep, wellbeing and safety.

    Buy your Lulla Doll in Australia today before they’re all gone!

  • bbox travel bib - shining stars2
    $15.00 $10.00

    B.box Travel Bib

    No more zip lock bags! Just pack your essential travel bib and after bub has finished, simply pop the spoon inside, fold bib back inside catcher, zip and go. All the mess is safely contained. Then when you get home, simply rinse it clean.

  • M&D Mess-Free Glitter
    $14.95$19.95 $12.00$17.00

    Mess-Free Glitter Sets

    Make your own sparkling stickers! Melissa and Doug’s patented technology lets kids get the look and feel of real glitter without the mess. Just peel away a section of white paper from the sticker shapes to reveal the sticky surface, then press on one of the glitter sheets for instant sparkle.

  • bbox baby bottles
    $8.00$22.95 $5.00$15.00

    B.box Baby Bottle & Teats

    We’re turning bottle feeding upside down, with a revolutionary new bottle that provides: Faster, simpler and more hygienic formula preparation.

    ** Teats 2 & 3 sold separately **

  • Amazing Zhus - Magic Sword Box
    $23.50 $15.00

    The Amazing Zhus – Magic Sword Box

    The most daring performance ever! The Amazing Zhus Magic Sword Box trick will leave you on the edge of your seat wondering, “How did they do that?” As each sword enters the box, it appears that the Stunt Pet will not possibly escape – until the box is finally opened and it emerges completely unharmed! Ta – da! That’s Amazing!

  • Skwooshi Action Set
    $11.50 $7.50

    Skwooshi Action Pack

    This fantastic set includes:

    • 2 storage containers
    • 2 unique Skwooshi vehicle action molds
    • 2 translucent Skwooshi action figures & vehicle capsules
    • 4oz Skwooshi compound
    • 1 instruction sheet
  • KineticSandColour2.5kgDetail
    $39.50 $29.50

    Amazing COLOURED Kinetic Sand – 2.5kg

    Kinetic Sand now comes in amazing colours!
    The 2.5KG bundle includes three bags of Red, Blue & Green Kinetic Sand.
    The Original and the Best!
    98% Sand, 2% Magic!
  • boon munch blue kiwi2
    $9.50 $5.50

    Boon Munch – Blue/Kiwi

    Munch out. You know you want to. We love Munch because it keeps snacks totally intact and easily accessible. Carry it around or set it in a cup holder and hit the road. The lid rotates shut so snacks don’t jump out.

    Age: All ages

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